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Richie's Giving Back

It all began in January 2010 following the earthquake in Haiti. With much faith and a little money a special fund-raising campaign was launched which raised donations for relief efforts.

Restaurant owner Ricky Perez said the resulting feeling of satisfaction and goodwill was contagious.

What started as a restaurant business has turned into a labor of love where Ricky gets to see people smiling, happy, and enjoying themselves. It is amazing to see so many people in a community come together when someone else is in need.

With two, “Richie’s” locations now open in Winnsboro and Hawkins, Texas our thanksgiving tradition is continuing to grow. Since 2011, Richie’s Grill & Café has enjoyed great success thanks to all the surrounding communities as well as all the food donations. Thanksgiving at Richie’s is a day where no one worries about not having a hot meal! Our doors are open to anyone and everyone, completely FREE from 11-2:30 on Thanksgiving Day. We do however accept donations that day which we then donate 100% of to a child in need from our or one of the surrounding communities. Volunteers are welcome! We also accept donations throughout the year at both of our locations. Why do we do this? Because as Ricky always say “Our kids are the future of tomorrow.”

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